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If a Student holds a visa and they desire to change their course of study, they must ensure that they continue to meet all the conditions that apply to their student visa.

If they have not completed six (6) months of their principal course (the main course of study they are undertaking) and they want to change their education provider, the ESOS National Code Standard 7 explains the circumstances in which this will be possible. Unless special circumstances apply, a student needs to have permission from their existing education provider to transfer to another education provider.

If they want to transfer, Medicus College must assess or consider the request to transfer. Students must make sure they understand the Medicus College transfer policy, and what their written agreement says they must do, before they attempt to enrol with a new education provider.

If Medicus College does not give the permission to transfer to another education provider and students are not satisfied with the outcome, they should first use their education provider’s internal appeal process. If they are still not satisfied, they can appeal the education provider’s decision at an external complaint handling body such as the Territory Ombudsman.

If a student has changed courses or education provider Medicus College will be notified electronically by their new education provider. They do not need to send their CoE to DHA.

Medicus College will not allow a registered student to transfer from Medicus College within the first six (6) months of their course until Medicus College has assessed the student’s request to transfer within this restricted period.

Medicus College will grant the student’s request where:

  1. The transfer will not be to the detriment of the student;
  2. The student has provided a letter from another registered provider confirming that a valid enrolment offer has been made;
  3. The student can register into the other course at an appropriate point in the course; and
  4. The student’s current academic progress indicates that the student can manage the new Note that:
    1. Students should allow a minimum of five (5) working days to assess the student transfer request;
    2. If approved the Letter of Release, if granted, will be issued within the five (5) day working period at no cost to the student and will advise the student of the need to contact DHA to seek advice on whether a new student visa is required;
    3. If a transfer is granted Medicus College will calculate any refunds according to the Course Cancellation and Refund Policy and Procedure which states, “Refunds will be paid no later than four (4) weeks after the application for refund is ” and provide the student with a written statement; and
    4. Students may use Medicus College Complaints and Appeals process or involve an independent 3rd party at any time.

Where Medicus College does not grant a letter of release, the student will be provided with written reasons for refusing the request and will be informed of his or her right to appeal using Medicus College’s Complaints and appeals process.

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