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 While the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer are related, and the boundaries between them are often blurred, they are distinguished as alternative pathways to an AQF qualification. They are distinguished by the way they relate to learning achieved through formal education and training (credit transfer) and learning achieved outside the informal education and training system (RPL).


 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – is the formal recognition of the skills and knowledge a person has regardless of how or where these skills may have been attained, that is, through formal or informal training work experience, (paid and unpaid) voluntary work and life experience. The evidence provided for RPL must address the currency of competencies being assessed.

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) – This term is sometimes used. For general purposes, the term is synonymous with RPL.

Credit Transfer (CT) – is an arrangement to give a standard level of credit or formal recognition to a learner who has previously achieved competency in a training or educational environment. Some Credit Transfer arrangements are also called Advanced Standing or Exemptions.

RPL for Entry – is an arrangement where learners are provided access to assessment tools and processes to assist them to meet minimum entry requirements for access to a course or qualification.

Note: In RPL for Entry no qualification is issued. Recognition is given to the person’s prior learning to permit entry through equivalence into a qualification that requires some specified entry standard.

Overseas Equivalence – is an arrangement to give formal recognition to an individual who has completed a course or qualification overseas. The Overseas Qualifications Unit can assist this process – see contact details below.

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Australian Capital Territory

Overseas Qualification Unit, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Phone: (02) 6207 6275

Email: [email protected]

New South Wales

State Training Services, DoE & Communities

NSW has discontinued its Overseas Qualification Unit from 25 May 2007 and only assesses trade qualifications.

Phone: (02) 9266 8450

Email: [email protected]

Northern Territory

Overseas Qualifications Unit, Department of the Chief Minister

Phone: (08) 8999 5511

Email: [email protected]


Overseas Qualification Unit, DoE, Training and Employment

Phone: 1300 369 935

Email: [email protected]

South Australia

Skills for All Infocentre, Department of State Development

Phone: 1800 506 266

Email: [email protected]


Overseas Qualifications Unit, Tasmanian Qualifications Authority

Phone: (03) 6165 6000

Email: [email protected]


Overseas Qualifications Unit, Skilled and Business Migration, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation

Phone: 1800 042 745

Email: [email protected]

Western Australia

Overseas Qualification Unit, Skilled Migration Division, Department of Training and Workforce Development

Phone: (08) 9224 6530

Email: [email protected]


The purpose of this policy is to confirm that all students, potential or actual, of Medicus College qualification courses are provided with full recognition of their current skills and knowledge. We promote acknowledgment of ‘non-traditional’ forms of learning as valid pathways for recognition of competency achievement during the RPL assessment process.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process conducted by us is an assessment process, which provides acknowledgement of all skills and knowledge gained through the life experiences, work experience, previous training and formal and informal education of applicants.

Our RPL process examines the evidence within the following key principles:

  • Adopting a focus on the competencies held rather than on how, when or where the learning occurred;
  • Demonstrated commitment to recognising the prior learning of adults;
  • Providing access to the RPL process for all potential students of courses;
  • Undertaking RPL processes which are fair to all those involved; and
  • Providing adequate support for all potential RPL applicants

The RPL assessment process includes the initial provision of information, support and counselling, formal application, assessment, post-assessment guidance and certification for course students.

All our students are offered RPL at time of the enrolment and can elect to be considered for RPL by selecting the option available during the enrolment process. The special needs of RPL applicants that have been recognised by us will have all necessary and reasonable adjustments (considering such areas as LLN) made during the RPL assessment process where appropriate.

A variety of RPL assessment options will be available for potential applicants to identify whether they have achieved the necessary competencies/learning outcomes to the required standard in the relevant national training program. All assessment mechanisms used are valid, reliable, flexible and fair and conducted in an ethical manner. Applications can be made by completion of the Student Information Kit for RPL and Exemption available online as a component of the enrolment process.

The key objectives of our RPL assessment process are to:

  • Minimise duplication of learning, training or skill acquisition;
  • Allow the completion of studies in the shortest possible time;
  • Provide clear RPL outcomes and access to further learning/training and career development;
  • Provide quality advice and support to potential and current applicants;
  • Conduct the RPL process only in respect to courses that we are registered to assess;
  • Ensure that only fully qualified consultants are involved in the RPL process;
  • Document the RPL process;
  • Recognise competencies and modules gained through an RPL process conducted at another registered training organisation via the requirements of mutual recognition;
  • Ensure that the RPL processes are monitored, evaluated and updated where appropriate;
  • Advise all RPL applicants of their right of appeal through the formal process; and
  • Ensure fees and charges are fair and competitive with the industry


To apply for RPL with Medicus College an applicant must complete the Application Kit. This kit consists of:

  • Part One – Assessors Manual
  • Part Two – Candidates Manual
  • Part Three – Competency Conversation
  • Part Four – Challenge Tests and Observation Recording Forms
  • RPL Guide for All Participants – An explanatory guide for all associated personnel provided free of
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